Mihla wind turbine

Technically innovative, compactly built, high efficiency

The Vensys 100 wind turbine in Mihla has been continuously producing green electricity since December 2014. The turbine is located in the Wartburg district in Thuringia, Germany. The special feature of the turbine is its direct drive. The speed of the rotor is transmitted directly to the high-pole generator - without a maintenance-intensive gearbox! With a rotor diameter of 82 metres, the Vensys wind turbine can be used in both strong and weak wind zones. The turbine manufacturer Vensys guarantees a technical availability of the turbine of 97 percent within the framework of a full maintenance contract.

Facts and figures

  • Location of the plant
    Thuringia, Germany
  • Plant manufacturer/type
    Vensys 100
  • Output per plant
    2.5 MW
  • Hub height/rotor diameter
    100 m/82,3 m
  • Commissioning
    December 2014
  • Annual production
    4.6 million kWh
  • Households supplied* / CO2 savings
    1,533 / 3,068 tonnes
  • Feed-in tariff
  • EEG 2012

* Calculation basis: CO2 savings: For PV systems according to sunshineenergy.de (kWh/a × 0.584: 1,000) or for wind energy systems according to CO2 calculator at www.wind-energie.de; Households supplied: 4-person household in Germany approx. 3,000 kWh/a according to statista


More than 200 investors participated indirectly in Mihla via the bond "RE07".