Future energies

Markets for smart investors

Financing the energy transition

Can capitalism respond effectively to climate change? We believe so. The transformation of the world’s power systems is an ongoing process, and financial providers such as reconcept are part of the change.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, zero-emission energy sources will make up 60% of the installed capacity by 2040. Wind and solar will make up 64% of the 8.6TW of new power generating capacity added worldwide over the next 25 years, and account for almost 60% of the $11.4 trillion invested.

At the same time wind and solar keep getting cheaper. While already competitive in a number of countries even without national subsidy systems, the cost of onshore wind is expected to drop 41% by 2040, driven primarily by improving capacity factors – which will reach 33% on average in 2030 and 41% in 2040. The solar experience curve also marches on, but declining technology costs are increasingly accompanied by a reduction in the cost of development, finance and operation, pushing new utility-scale solar down 60% from a $74-$220/MWh range today, to a central estimate of around $40/MWh worldwide in 2040.

In summary, investments in renewable energies open up a promising market for smart investors. Most notably because they are a genuinely assets-based investment opportunity.

reconcept in Germany

reconcept develops new wind and photovoltaic sites in Germany through its own project development team based in Berlin.

  • 24 years of field-specific experience 
  • Financing of wind power projects on 29 sites
  • Implementation of wind projects with total installed capacity of about 335 MW
  • Strong network of renewable energy partners
  • Own project development in the photovoltaics segment
  • Collaborations with financing institutions, e.g. HSH Nordbank, Umweltbank, DZ-Bank

reconcept in Finland

Our Finnish joint venture Tuulialfa, an experienced wind farm specialist, has an extensive project pipeline for wind turbines at 10 locations in northern and central Finland. This joint venture provides us with excellent market access.

  • Active in the market since 2012
  • Financing of the Wind Park Ylivieska Pajukoski with nine V126 WTG and approx. 30 MW installed capacity
  • Project implementation with local project developer
  • Joint venture with the project developer Tuulialfa Oy
  • Management of own project pipeline, with a planned nominal capacity of approx. 2,400 MW
  • Thereby access to extensive investment pipeline: 10 wind parks (in advanced development)

reconcept in Canada

In Canada, reconcept's project focus is on floating, novel tidal power plants in the Canadian Bay of Fundy. The local project partner is the Canadian company Sustainable Marine Energy Canada (SMEC) Ltd., which is responsible for the turnkey construction and the future operation of the tidal power plants.

  • Active in the market since 2014
  • Excellent knowledge of the legal environment, permission procedures and geographic conditions
  • Direct connections with local players
  • Sale and purchase of projects rights and facilities of approx. 15 MW hydro and 15 MW wind capacity
  • Cooperation with Sustainable Marine Energy Canada in the segment of  instream Tidal Power Platform (PLAT-i)
  • FORCE: Tidal power plant project (9 MW) in the Canadian Bay of Fundy, where the tidal range is at its highest, in the world