Green Global Investments since 1998

reconcept is an independent, owner-managed company based in Hamburg, and is proud to be one of Germany’s market leaders in investments in renewable energy assets. With 20 years of investment expertise in this area, reconcept has access to high quality investment opportunities in attractive “green” assets and markets, and translates these into clear investment offerings tailored to individual investment objectives.

Building partnerships for 100% renewable energy

A vast amount of untapped renewable energy potential is still available worldwide. reconcept is actively investing in a cleaner, brighter future that harnesses this, through sustainable capital market products – such as real asset investments, participation rights and bonds – that finance the expansion of renewable energy plants.

To achieve this we partner with power plant projects in various stages, including those which are already operational, under construction,in ready-to-build status or under development. reconcept is one of the few investment houses that offers own capital to bridge the financing in the development phase. Furthermore, we provide projects with equity and debt financing for project acquisition.

“We are always looking for new partners in need of project financing; professional developers that are keen to work with reconcept”

Karsten Reetz, Managing Partner reconcept GmbH

Renewable energies offer an attractive and genuinely assets-based investment opportunity. More than that, we are driven by playing a part in the vision of a liveable future for current generations and those to come. For us that means sustainable economic growth, using natural resources responsibly, and exclusively supporting products that serve the goal of reducing the global carbon footprint.

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