How we got here

Company background

Our journey starts 25 years ago

Renewables. Today for Tommorrow

reconcept GmbH was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of a developer in the renewable energy sector, based n Husum, Germany. First aim was to initiate investment funds in the wind energy sector and placing them on the capital market.

Since 2009 reconcept has been working as an independent investment house and asset manager for green investments (Green Bonds). Year after year, we connect new RE projects with investors: since its founding, reconcept has placed more than 270 million euros of equity via green capital investments - which corresponds to a total investment volume of around 609 million euros. 

Project financing is thus an important pillar of reconcept. But we also work as a project developer. Our 25 years of experience, passion and dependability make us the right partner for renewable energy projects.

We plan, develop and build German projects with our own teams. In addition, we have established joint ventures with wind farm and solar park developers, which provide us with excellent market access to new projects and thus a solid basis for new investments.

Today, in addition to Germany, the country focus in the EU is on Finland, where wind farms with around 3,300 MW are currently in the project pipeline. Furthermore, reconcept has been active in Canada since 2014, currently working on green field projects.