Corporate Strategy

For the benefit of reconcept’s customer and the planet

Combining values with value enhancement

We enable investors to participate in the development of renewable energies, by offering financial products that represent attractive and genuinely assets-based investment opportunities. Our successful business model as an independent issuer and asset manager of sustainable capital investments is combined with own international project development in the field of renewable energies (RE) with projects in Germany, Finland and Canada.

At the same time, we partner with project developers as a target-oriented collaboration associate. We partner with projects in various stages, including those which are already operational, under construction, in ready-to-build status or under development. reconcept is one of the few investment houses that offers own capital to bridge the financing in the development phase. Furthermore, we provide projects with equity and debt financing. 

Our technology focus

Currently reconcept focuses on wind, photovoltaic and hydro power systems, as our experience in these technologies spans over 20 years. reconcept is also continually monitoring various other technologies which may expand our technology portfolio in future.
The crucial factors in our investment decisions are mature technology, coming from reputable companies with a proven bankable track record; Thus, the right choice of project partners is an essential part of our merging an acquisition strategy. Therefore we always take cooperative teamwork  seriously at the quest to bring about long-term overall solutions. After all, the reconcept name stands for a quality guarantee of its investment products.

Our country focus

We understand the crucial importance of robust framework conditions. That’s why we preferrably invest in countries that are top-rated, economically and politically stable, as well as which have a strong and reliable legal system. We choose countries whose governments have elaborated long-term goals for renewable energies including attractive and secure feed-in tariff systems. Our current target markets are Germany, Canada and Finland.