Sustainable values

Renewable energy for founding a better quality of life

Ecology and the economy going hand-in-hand 

We want to create sustainable value: for our clients, our partners, our employees, and for the society. As the vision we work towards is of a liveable future for current generations and those to come.

We stand for fair, transparent, capable and trustworthy collaboration in all our activities. An approach we take with respect to our partners, our customers and our environment. We are committed to conducting our business with a long-term view to supporting environmental sustainability.

We believe that global climate change can only be reduced to a manageable level by switching to energy supplies based on renewable energies. We aim to balance economic, environmental and social issues in all our activities as a financial provider; ultimately, a responsible approach to business is a key factor determining our long-term success.

Sustainability is nothing new for reconcept, but has been our mission and self-image for 25 years

reconcept investments invest in the future market of renewable energies and thus contribute to the climate-friendly restructuring of the economy. Our investment offers finance the development and construction of concrete wind, solar and tidal power plants. Our investments thus pursue the overarching goal of sustainable development per se. Our investment criteria leave no room for industries with a negative impact on ESG, such as investments in or with links to the arms or tobacco industries, nuclear power or exploitative child labour. 

Our answer to climate change: "Impact Investing - it's the impact that counts"

The expansion of renewable energies plays a key role in global climate protection. At the same time, our clients are investing in a sector of the economy that is one of the most important industries of the future worldwide. The market for renewable energies is growing continuously and offers attractive opportunities for returns. 

By building up our own project development, we can have a positive influence on the complete design and construction of renewable energy plants.

There is no ready-made catalogue of measures in terms of sustainability. Rather, for each project, it must be planned in close consultation with the municipality which measures offer real added value for the location. Such additional measures can be, for example, bee hotels on the solar site or the restoration of biodiversity through planting on the site. In the course of our constantly evolving sustainability strategy and the expansion of project development, we are keen to include these options in our decision-making. We are guided by best practice examples as well as innovative solutions. We have developed a catalogue of criteria which, taking into account the individual steps in the life cycle of a plant, also considers investment preferences from the perspective of CO2 emission avoidance.
The emissions balance for renewable energy plants is usually determined by a complex life-cycle analysis. The CO2 emissions of a wind energy or PV plant, for example, depend on the production conditions, the production process, the product design and size, as well as the local wind or solar radiation conditions. All these influencing factors are weighed up by our investment managers during due diligence when making investment decisions.