Tidal power plant in Canada

reconcept has opened up a new segment in the field of sustainable capital investment for German private investors: With "RE13 Ocean Energy - Bay of Fundy", investors have participated in modern, floating tidal power plants for the first time. In the Canadian Bay of Fundy, known for the world's highest tidal range of 13 to 16 m, a new innovative and environmentally friendly tidal power technology is used, called FORCE 1. The investment generates income from a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Nova Scotia Power Inc, the state-owned electricity provider of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The remuneration is guaranteed for 15 years from the commissioning of the tidal power plants.

Innovative technology
The FORCE 1 technology is characterised by high efficiency, a high capacity factor of 49 percent (gross) and low maintenance costs. Its modular concept makes it scalable and also easy to transport. The floating tidal power platforms are suitable for supplying power to isolated coastal locations or smaller islands with limited infrastructure. FORCE 1 is the start of series production. In addition to the Bay of Fundy, other locations are currently under consideration - including off remote islands in the Philippines, where they can replace diesel generators.

  • Unique platform design with underwater turbines operating freely in the current
  • Underwater turbines controllable from shore as on board (in-stream)
  • Easy maintenance access due to unique turbine booms
  • very robust design suitable for rough waters (hurricane-tested)
  • Comparatively low maintenance costs
  • modular concept, therefore scalable and easy to transport

Facts and figures: FORCE 1

  • Location
    Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Commissioning
    Autumn 2022 planned
  • Power plant design
    3x trimaran platforms "Sustainable Marine Energy PLAT-I" with six turbines each
  • Turbines/Power
    Schottel in-stream turbine (SIT 250)/70 kW
  • Power
    1.26 MW total (3 x 420 kW platform)
  • Rotor diameter
    4,0 m
  • Electricity yield
    4,915 MWh/year or supply of approximately 413 Canadian households
  • Length/width
    30.5 m/35.0 m
  • Draught
    8.0 m in operation; 1.5 m when towed
  • Minimum water depth
    10,0 m
  • Mooring
    2 drilled rock anchorages in the seabed
  • Attachment
    by means of steel cables via swivel joint for 360° rotation

    Planning status: January 2022


With an average of CAD 25,000, a total of around 250 investors participated in the FORCE 1 tidal power investment.