Teutleben wind farm

The wind farm is located in the town of Teutleben in western Thuringia, Germany. Its five Vestas V112 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.0 MW, have been feeding wind power into the grid since August 2013. The Vestas 3 MW platforms are a technology that has now been tried and tested for many years and has been installed at around 60,000 locations worldwide, offshore and onshore. Their special feature is that they can be installed and maintained using standard installation and maintenance tools, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs by minimising the need to stock spare parts.

The Teutleben wind farm produces around 32.7 million kWh of green electricity annually, saving the environment the emission of around 22,000 tonnes of CO2. Around 10,900 households are supplied by the wind farm.

Facts and figures

  • Location of the plant
    Gotha district, Thuringia, Germany
  • Turbine manufacturer/type
    Vestas V112
  • Capacity per turbine / total
    3 MW / 15 MW
  • Hub height / rotor diameter
    119 m / 112 m
  • Commissioning
    August 2013
  • Annual production
    32.7 million kWh
  • Households supplied* / CO2 savings
    10,900 / 21,811 tonnes
  • Feed-in tariff
    EEG 2012

* Calculation basis: CO2 savings: For PV systems according to sunshineenergy.de (kWh/a × 0.584: 1,000) or for wind energy systems according to CO2 calculator at www.wind-energie.de; Households supplied: 4-person household in Germany approx. 3,000 kWh/a according to statista


The Teutleben wind farm has been sold in the meantime, investors received Ø 5.4 % p.a. from their investment.